Valentine’s Day Wreath

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Much love to you and yours.  :)

The two door conundrum.  Okay, now that I have this double door I’ve been presented with a bit of a puzzle – one wreath or two?  If I have one wreath in the center it tends to whack folks in the head when they come in the door – so… I’ve been trying to slowly transition to the two wreath approach.

For Valentine’s Day this year I literally threw together these two wreaths in less than an hour and for under $12.

I purchased two of these wire wreath forms at Michael’s for around $3 each.

I then wrapped each of them with some white flannel I already had on hand to soften them up.

I cut the flannel into strips and just wrapped it around and around until the entire wreath was covered. (x’s 2)

Next up I repeated the process with some pink gingham I purchased at Walmart for about $5.

Here’s a close up.  To finish the ends I just tucked them in.

My initial plan was just to leave them like this, but they looked too plain.  I sorted through my fabric stash and picked out some scrap fabric in pinks and reds.  I tore the fabric into strips, and cut the strips to 9″ lengths.  I also went through my ribbon supply and grabbed some pinks, creams, and whites.  Then I just tied them on – raw edges and all.

It looks a little like a hot mess, but I like it…especially for under $12 and less than an hour’s time.  :)

May you know that you are loved on this special day.  Happy Valentine’s Day!