The Home Stretch

The tile backsplash in the kitchen is completed.

Towards the end of the construction process the detail work really seemed to finish up quickly.

The tile work for the kitchen and bathrooms was finished up and sealed.  We went with a tumbled stone for the backsplash as well as for the tub surround in the master bath and the detail band in the shower.  For the tile in the kitchen we used a mushroom color grout and throughout the rest house we went with a gray grout.

Here’s a close up of the kitchen backsplash.  My favorite part is the the oil rubbed bronze button detail.

ORB buttons

For the landscaping I tried to keep it fairly simple, with not a lot of different colored blooms.  For seasonal color I plan to put in perennials and annuals.  There are several White Crepe Myrtles, some Tea Olives for scent, Golden Junipers, Nandinas, Indian Hawthornes, Red ‘nearly wild’ Roses, some Barberries, and a few Azaleas.  We went to the stone yard and picked out the boulders to add some visual interest to the landscape.  :)

The landscaping goes in.

As you can see the back yard is a blank slate.

Big green rectangle

The fence and the shed were completed.

The doors on the shed will be painted dark brown to match the trim on the rest of the house.

That black thing in the ground is the buried propane tank for the gas fireplaces.

There is more storage space than you would think in the shed.  It measures about 8′ x 10′ on the inside, and the ceilings are about 10′ high.

The screened porch was also finished up.

Screened porch

The porch is pretty large.  It covers almost the entire width of the back of the house.  :)   The better to keep out the buggies.  We now live below the gnat line.  Yes, that’s a real thing. The bugs here are ridiculous!

My big project for this spring will be to come up with a landscape plan for the back yard.  Any ideas?  I know I’d like to do beds around the perimeter, and add a few trees.  We need to disguise the lovely propane tank lid.  I’d also like to incorporate a pergola, herb garden, cut flower garden, SMALL water feature, bottle tree, and outdoor sitting area.  Some of the plants on my wish list are gardenias and hydrangeas. I’ve tried to draw it all out on graph paper.  I even attempted an online garden planner – no luck.  I’m having a really hard time working it all out with this flat terrain.  In our old house the topography kind of dictated what went where.  I sure would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Next up – The House is Finished!!!