The Cabinets are Installed

What a happy day when those cabinets were installed.  After all of the chaos, mess, and waiting once the cabinets arrived it seemed like ‘it’ was really going to happen.  :)

Here are the kitchen cabinets, just waiting to be hung.

They look like little soldiers all in a row - ready to get to work

In the kitchen we went with solid cherry cabinets.  To save some $ in the bathrooms and laundry we chose maple.

These bathroom cabinets are by Legacy.  The door style is called Churchill.  The color in 2 of the bathrooms is Coffee and the laundry room and remaining bath is Espresso.

Master Bathroom Cabinet

Laundry Room cabinets

I had an extra run of cabinets put in down the wall of the breakfast area in the kitchen.  Since, for the most part, there are just two of us at home we decided to use the breakfast area as a little sitting space.  I put two comfy chairs and an ottoman in that space instead of a table and chairs.  This house has a really open floor plan, so the dining room is literally just steps away.  We also have an eat – at bar in the kitchen so I didn’t feel like we needed a table right there too.

Breakfast area cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are Debut cabinetry.  The door style is called Barcelona.  The two finishes used in this room:  Ebony with a rub through (the black cabinets) and Mocha Harvest (the brown toned cabinets.

Oven and fridge wall with counter tops

The counter tops are Napoli granite.  I was initially planning to use quartz, but it was cost prohibitive.  The granite was actually far less expensive.  The Napoli is really neutral, with cream, tan, brown, black and a few sparkles.  It doesn’t show spots at all.


Cook top wall

While the cabinet installation was going on there was also a lot of activity in the moulding area.  I love the moulding treatments in this house!  I think they really did a great job.  Crown moulding and trim work is something that is not really that costly, but has a big impact as far as style and finish.

Here is the fireplace mantle.  It matches the dark Ebony with the rub through of the kitchen cabinets.

Before the mantle.

After the mantle installation

For the rest of the trim work we went with white.

Coffered ceiling

Crown moulding corner in the Dining Room

Dining room doorway into the foyer

Foyer doorway into Family Room

The front step, sidewalk, and driveway were also completed.

The step is semi-circular.  It mirrors the brick work at the top of the front door.

I love this semi-circular step!

We also had a semi-circular driveway put in.  When we’re all home together there are 5 cars with just team Johnson.  With this driveway there is plenty of room for all of us.

The driveway and sidewalk are poured.

Here’s a sneak peak at our toll house, out house, guard shack, shed.  :D   It’s a little funny looking with it’s small foot print and steeply pitched roof; but we knew we wanted this from the beginning.  There are no basements here and we needed a place to put all of our “junque” without cluttering up the garage to terribly much.

Next up:  paint colors and lighting.