Sheet-rock and Stucco

Construction began in mid-June.  On the first of August the sheet-rock was delivered.  What an exciting day!

It seems quick now, but at the time it couldn’t go fast enough for me.  We were in a temporary apartment; and it was just awful.  All of our household goods were in storage.  We had no idea when that moving truck came in April to take our stuff away we wouldn’t see it again until the middle of October.  Ugghhh!!

The shutters on this house are kind of nifty; they are made of styrofoam.  Really.  I’d never seen anything like them before.  They are, of course, decorative only.  I guess they won’t rot, which will be nice.

The stucco is applied to the columns, shutters, and eves

The fireplace on the screened porch was finished.  We’d like to eventually find an old rough hewn beam or 1/4 log to use as a rustic mantle for the outdoor fireplace.

Screened porch fireplace

This house has a very open floor plan, even more so than our last one.

View from the family room into the open kitchen

The exterior paint colors went on.  The colors are very neutral with warm browns and creams.

I really appreciate the speed and skill with which they installed the sheet-rock and had it all mudded and taped.  In our last home my sweetie and I finished our entire basement ourselves.  (Never to be done again).  It was quite a job: heavy, really messy, and very time consuming for two unskilled folks.

Kitchen taped & mudded

We’re headed down the home stretch.  Next up you’ll finally get to see the cabinets.  :)