Powder Room Vanity, Stamped Concrete, Insulation, and Bricks Oh My

Fairly early in the selection process we had to order our cabinets.  The furniture style unit above is for the powder room.  The top of it is black granite.  We ended up doing oil rubbed bronze fixtures throughout the entire house.

I really hope the ORB thing doesn’t go out anytime soon because it’s everywhere: from the plumbing fixtures to the lights and the door hardware too.

This is what we chose for the cabinet hardware.  I liked it the best, and it ended up being the least expensive option – Score!  That never happens for me.  The rope detail matches the rope crown on all of the cabinets.

For the cabinets in the house we went with a combination of  mocha glazed and black with rub through.  The cabinets are all made of cherry, so there is some visually noticeable grain but it’s not too heavy.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any ‘before’ pictures for you.  The cabinet maker was a little disorganized and I mostly just picked pieces and parts out of catalogs.

About this time in the process the stained concrete for the porches was poured, stamped, & sealed.  It was much more cost efficient than stone and I like how the end product turned out.  In this picture it looks kind of pink before the top coat was put on.  Once completed it became a nice warm mocha brown.

During the glaze process

After the glaze process

When complete the stamped concrete still has kind of a wet look.

One of the most exciting days for me was the day the front door was put in.  I never even saw it when I ordered it.  I just explained to the supplier what I wanted, over the phone, then crossed my fingers and hoped that the right thing would show up.  It did!

I actually squealed when I drove up and saw this beauty

The door unit is really a double door set.  It is mahogany with beveled glass windows and a curved top.  I was so thrilled with this baby.  We ended up finishing the door ourselves with a Minwax dark walnut stain and a few coats of poly.

Is it wrong to be so in love with a door?

Even though we’re enjoying the brisk winds of winter right now, this is what it was like every single day while the construction was going on… Yowza!!

About the same time the front door was installed, insulation was being put in.  This house has both traditional rolled out insulation as well as blown in insulation.  The blown in insulation is made of recycled newspapers.  It was another thing that was new to me in this whole building process.

I’ve seen the expandable foam insulation before, but never this blown in stuff.  It was pretty cool.

This wall is made of blown in, recycled newspaper, insulation.

While all of that fun stuff was going on inside they were as busy as bees on the outside too.

The bricks are delivered

Plumbing is brought to the house

The exterior fireplace goes in

Once the brick work started it went really fast.  As I recall, I think it took them about 3-4 days to do the whole house.  The brick masons were amazing – both in speed and skill.

View from the back toward the back porch

View from the street toward the front porch

Next time I’ll show you some big progress: wiring, sheet rock, stucco, and paint.  :)   Before you know it we’ll be to the fun decorating part.