Framing & Flooring

I’m sure you’re sitting on pins and needles to see what happens next in the great Johnson House Build Extravaganza.  :)

Well on today’s menu we have framing.

I really started to get excited when the framing went up.  At that point you could really begin to see what rooms were what.  I’ve always been fascinated with houses and even playing house.  When I was little I used to rake up pine straw in the back yard.  (I’m from the south y’all – we didn’t have leaves, but we had plenty of pine straw).  I have distinct memories of raking my pine straw into paths and squares for my ‘house’.  Even as a little one I was obsessed with houses.  The obsession continues to this day.

The framing is really the bones of the house.

First floor framing complete

Remember when I told you that I was all set for one floor living.  Well…that changed a wee bit once we got started.  The initial plan for this house was to be one floor with a bonus room over the garage.  The roof pitches here are really really steep.  They are all 9/12 pitch; I think it may have something to do with the extreme heat, but I don’t really know.  Anyway….there was all of this fabulous attic space that was just going to go to waste.  So, I worked with the builder’s architect and we put together a plan to make that space usable.  My mongo-downsize plans – gone.  We still ended up downsizing by about 1500 sq. feet, but not nearly as much as we originally anticipated.

The second floor begins to take shape

View from the back yard toward the house

View from the side of the front porch

The framing went really fast.  I think they had the entire house framed up in about 3 days.  One thing I found especially interesting was the roof construction.  In the other two houses we built, prefabricated roofing trusses were used.  They just arrived on a big truck and were installed.  On this build the trusses were constructed on site.  I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or if it may have something to do with the steep (9/12) pitch of the roof.  Your thoughts?

The roofing material is laid

Even though we ended up making use of the attic space to add some function to the ‘upstairs’, the home is still essentially one floor living.  On the upper level we have the bonus room over the garage, nice storage, a full bath, and two bedrooms.  That way when the kids come home, or we have guests, they can have their own space but when it’s not in use the space can be closed off with no impact on the rest of the house.

The staircase installed

Remember when I mentioned the whole custom build thing.  One of the many items to choose for the house was the style of shingles.  We ended up going with an architectural style shingle.  You can see them in this next picture.

The front porch taking shape

We’re planning on being in this home for a long time so we treated ourselves to a few upgrades along the way.  One of our goodies is a fireplace out on the screened porch.  It’s a double sided fire box.  You can see the interior fireplace taking shape in the photo below.

A peek at the soon to be two sided fireplace

Another thing we treated ourselves to was hardwood flooring throughout the entire house.  No carpet anywhere – I love it!!!!

Hand scraped cherry engineered hardwood flooring

I especially like the dings and scrapes that are already there.  Distressed is a good thing; that way I don’t have to worry about putting the first scratch in it.

For the bathrooms and laundry room I went neutral.  Clockwise from top left: hardwood flooring throughout main area halls and bedrooms, master bath tile, all other baths and laundry tile.

This is the tile pattern I chose for the master shower.  It is a combination of the floor tile (which is ceramic that resembles peacock slate), tumbled Travertine in both tan & ivory, and little glass blocks.

For the grout I ended up going with a gray tone.

Hope I haven’t bored you entirely to death.  In the next installment I’ll show you the cabinet hardware and the powder room vanity.  :)