The Foundation

Once construction got started (it started about 6 months later than we were initially planning) things moved pretty quickly.

View of the front corner where the garage and front porch meet

In the past, I’ve only seen poured foundation walls – not cinder block – so this was new to me.

Looking toward the front door

At his point it was still kind of difficult to get your bearings.  I thought it looked really small and couldn’t figure out how in the world the floor plan was going to work in this little rectangle.

Looking from the back yard toward the back porch

Once the plumbing was stubbed in, that helped a little bit to figure out what was (gonna be) what.

Front garage corner

One of the nice things about this neighborhood is that all of the garages are either side entry or courtyard style.  I think it makes for pretty curb appeal.

View from the side of the house into the garage

View toward the front door with slab poured

All of the trades people that worked on the construction of our home were SO nice, polite, and really helpful.

Smoothing the slab

View from the street toward the front door with the slab poured

View from the side

View from the front with brickwork started

Again, we still thought it all looked SO small at this point.  Here’s my sweetie measuring for our bedroom furniture.

Plumbing stubbed

View from the living room toward the back porch

Our builder is a custom home builder.  This was a totally new thing for us.  In the other two home we previously built, we dealt with tract home type situations – where you go to a selection meeting and choose one from a list of three options.  With this guy we could pick ANYTHING, from exterior treatments to lighting, plumbing, etc.  It was more than a little overwhelming.  One of the first choices we had to make was the brick.  I was going for a color kind of like Savannah tabby.  This brick has a few more brown tones than gray like the tabby would.  I like it though; it’s called Mosstown.  The brick mason told me it was THE most popular color in the country – so there I go for thinking outside of the box.  Who knew?

Brick is Mosstown by Cherokee Brick

In the next installment framing begins and I’ll share my flooring and tile selections.