Eenie, Meenie, Mynie, Mo

I am know to be a bit of an organizational freak aficionado.  In our new house we seem to have an abundance of switches all clumped together.  I guess that comes part and parcel with an open floor plan.  There are few walls, so that when there is a wall they have to put as much as they can on it.

It kinda’ drives me a little batty flipping this one and that one until I get the right one.  When we first got in the house I came up with this ever so classy labeling technique.

Nice huh?  It was effective though.

I have a fancy schmancy label maker, but I decided to go quick and easy for this project by using little return address labels that I could print on the computer.

Following the set up directions for  “Word” on the package is super simple…even I (the techno- challenged) can do it.

Here’s what the labels look like all “installed”.

I may cover the paper part with some shiny tape to protect them from all of the rigorous cleaning I do of my light switches.  Have you stopped laughing yet? But for now these work just great for me and my OCD self.

Super easy, super inexpensive, super fast and I love ‘em.