Master Gardener’s Tour of Private Gardens 2011: part 2

Back again with another installment of the Cobb County Master Gardener’s Tour 2011.

Don’t you love the whimsy in the little fountain pictured above.  I am now on the hunt for an old cast iron sugar kettle to make one of these for myself.

This little metal framed bench was transformed into a lush planter filled with sedum.

Having spent some time living in the Pacific Northwest I got familiarized with art of Dale Chihuly, the renowned glass artist.  His work is spectacular.  A few years ago some of his pieces were featured at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and I got to go see it.  Wow!!!  If you ever get a chance to see ANY of his glass art don’t miss the opportunity.

This garden had a small grouping of 3 blown pieces by Dale Chihuly and I was literally giddy when I saw them up ahead of me from around a bend.  My picture definitely does not do justice to their beauty.

This wooden obelisk was so pretty.  Covered with a purple clematis, it was just soaking up this little patch of sunshine.

Couldn’t you just putter the day away in this sweet little garden shed?  I know I could.

More of that evergreen clematis below.  I imagine it really sparkles in the moonlight.

These pretty foxgloves were at another garden.  I’ve never really had a lot of luck with foxgloves, but I think they are so sweet.  Do you have any tried and true tips for growing foxgloves?

This is the side yard garden.  Isn’t it dreamy?

Pretty hostas.

I love how this side garden is both manicured with the stone edging, and a little bit free-form with the plant placement.

Beautiful peonies.

Lamb’s Ear gone wild!

Who knew that good ole Shamrock’s would grow as a perennial here in the South?  I thought for sure they’d get burned up in our heat.

A final view of the side yard.  I’m even in love with the brick work on the fence.

Join me again, one more time, for the final installment of the 2011 Cobb County Master Gardener’s Tour of Private Gardens.