It’s snowing in Georgia!

What excitement!  It never snows here.  We get plenty of ice storms, lots of heat and humidity, our fair share of tornadoes too, but never REAL snow.  It was just beautiful.  To me, the kind of snow we got (2-4) inches makes everything look so pretty and clean.  It gives me the feeling that everything has been coated with a little piece of heaven, pure and bright. 


We only get real snow, with accumulation, about once every 5 or 6 years.  When we get something like this weather event, at least down here in the South, it makes everyone slow down, and relax a little.  We get to spend time with our families.  School events are cancelled, roads are closed (because we don’t have the clearing equipment that folks up North have), and businesses shut down too.  It’s really nice, I think, to once in awhile take a day off – completely off.  We spent our snow day hunkered down indoors by a cozy fire. 

Our day started with Halie making sweet potato muffins – YUM!  They were nice and warm, extra delish with butter and honey on top.  We also treated ourselves to a big bowl of homemade caramel cashew popcorn while we watched movies in the afternoon; and for dinner we enjoyed spicy chili followed by 7 layer cookie bars.  We got to be together, and stuff ourselves silly.  What a great way to spend a Saturday.

Do you have any special ways you spend your snow days?  Board games?  A yummy homemade cocoa recipe?

Tonight the Winter Olympics are on.  It will be fun to watch them with our very own snow still on the branches right outside – very wintry…at least for tonight; because I’m sure by tomorrow it will all be melted.

Here are some pictures of my snow covered home.

To me, it’s a winter Wonderland! I know some of you get snow all of the time and are just about sick of it; but it is such an uncommon occurrence here, I really appreciate the beauty of it.