Nan Thai Fine Dining

Just after hitting up Ikea the other day, to go dorm shopping for these two sweeties, we went on an amazing culinary adventure to Nan Thai Fine Dining in Atlanta.

I’ve got to tell you it was one of those life changing meals.  It was that good!  We were planning on going to a Mom & Pop Thai restaurant in another part of town, but it was rush hour in Atlanta and this one just happened to be in the line of sight so in we went.  I should have known something was up when it was valet only parking…Wow! This restaurant was amazing.  Not only was the decor take your breath away gorgeous the food was (When Harry Met Sally – you know the scene) sublime.

We were woefully under dressed (as you may imagine coming from the marathon that is Ikea) but the staff couldn’t have been more gracious.

As we were lead to our table we passed a gorgeous display of spices, sounds unusual but it was something to behold.  The table settings were so pretty.  There were spectacular orchids all about and I was especially smitten with the water glasses.  Please pardon my horrible photo, you can see them much better if you go to the restaurant’s website.  They were classic in shape but the soft water green base and ocean blue upper were really something.  All five of us at the table couldn’t stop talking about the water glasses – kooky I know.

Halie and I order the tasting tree appetizer.  It was as yummy as it was beautiful.  There was a selection of several appetizers on this artful tiered tray.  We had: Chicken and Beef Satay skewers served with cucumber salad, Pla Muk Thod crispy calamari served with 3 chili sauce, Kung Thod stuffed fried shrimp with tamarind sauce, Kanom Jeeb Chau Muong  thai dumplings, and Poh Pia vegetarian spring and tamarind rolls.  Oh my!

For dinner we got one entree and a side of steamed vegetables and split that.  Since we had that spectacular appetizer we did not go away hungry.  The entree we chose was Masamam chicken.  Unfortunately, I was so taken away by the beauty of the food I forgot to take a picture.  Bad blogger!

This restaurant is pricey.  Our appetizer was $19, entree $20, and side $7 (I think).  It is well worth the expense though.  If you have a special occasion coming up I would definitely put Nan Thai on your short list of options.

When you go don’t miss the ladies room.  It sounds crazy, but it was beautiful!

This is the sink

The handtowels had fresh orchids tucked in their folds. Gorgeous!

*I have receive no compensation from Nan Thai for this review, I just loved it and wanted to share.

Nan Thai is located at 1350 Spring Street  in Atlanta.