House Tour: the Family Room

I have an open floor plan kind of house.  Our kitchen is completely open to our family room.  I really like it that way.  Since I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen I don’t feel isolated from all of the family room stuff that goes on.  Our current home is decorated in warm earth tones.

This is the view looking the other direction, back towards the kitchen.  (You can see the two amigos wrestling in the sunbeam).

A few things to take notice of in the above picture:

We added the bead-board and painted it black in the kick zone underneath the breakfast bar.

The coffee table was a $25 Craigslist find.  It was all white when when purchased it, but it was made by a good brand furniture company so we knew it would stand up well to refinishing.  We stripped the whole thing, painted and distressed the bottom part black, then polyed the whole thing with several coats of polyurethane.  It has held up well, but it may be just about time for a new incarnation.

The awkwardly placed picture behind the lamp on the side table is covering our thermostat.  Who in the heck puts a thermostat slap in the middle of a feature wall like that???!!!

Our family room is two stories tall.  While I like the open feeling I probably wouldn’t do that again – it’s fairly tough to keep reasonably heated and cooled.  Here is a seasick inducing shot from above so you can see the furniture layout.

This room gets lots of natural light.  Since our home backs up to woods I didn’t even have blinds on these windows for several years.  Unfortunately, the bright sunshine played havoc with the furniture finishes so I eventually caved in and put blinds up.

My sweetie made this nifty gate to keep our furry critters corralled to this level of the house.  (Hardwood floors are a much safer bet than carpet when you’ve got a new puppy in the house).  To keep it lightweight the grate is just a fluorescent light cover spray painted black.  The grate is channel set into sandwiched 1″x3″s.

I really balked against this giant TV for the longest time.  That is…until we got it.  There’s nothing like having a life size David Bromstad in your very own house.  :)   To make it a comfortable viewing height my sweetie had to lower the fireplace mantle by about 16 inches.  He disassembled the whole thing, re-did the rocks, ‘finagled’ the wiring for the outlet and the cable, then put it all back together.  I think he did a great job!

I painted this little saying on the wall.  Because it’s an angled wall it’s really awkward for hanging artwork.  I first printed up the phrase on the computer.  Then with carbon paper on the backside I traced over the letters onto the wall.  From there I just filled in the lines with acrylic paint.

Just like the rest of my home, this room is filled with things collected over time.  There are some family antiques, some thrifted items, and lots of bargain finds.

leather sofa, chair, & ottoman – Woodstock Outlet

coffee table – Craigslist

end tables – Kmart (a LONG time ago)

table lamps – Home Goods

floor lamps – Lowe’s & Home Depot

upholstered rocker – This End Up (recovered)

metal table in front of window – Garden Ridge

drapes – Tuesday Morning

curtain rod – Target

green velvet pillows – Target

blanket chest & plant stand – antiques

area rug – (Kathy Ireland collection) outlets at Dawsonville, GA

puppy beds – Target

wall color in this room is Hearthstone by Sherwin Williams

hardwood flooring is Bruce pre-finished oak (I think the color is walnut)