I love dining by candlelight.  It just makes the meal more intimate and relaxed…even if you’re only having hot dogs.  When you’re able to enjoy that candlelight out under the stars it only gets better.

This is a Candelier (Chandelier + Candles = Candelier) I made using just three inexpensive elements.

The first piece is a wire frame hanging basket purchased at Tuesday Morning for around $8.

The second piece is a broken glass cake plate I had.  The pedestal part broke off several years ago and I just couldn’t throw it away.  Can you say hoarder?

The third piece of this Candelier involves 4 ‘religious’ candles purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Step one:  hang the basket.

Step two:  add the plate.

Step three:  set candles in place.

Step four:  light ‘em up.

The candles in the glass holders work well because the wind doesn’t blow them out and you don’t have to worry about wax dripping down onto the table.

This is how the light looks as night-time arrives.

Even though it’s still the middle of winter the weather here is starting to take a turn for the better.  We might just be able to eat outside by this weekend.

This project was incredibly simple and only cost about $13, including the eye hook and hanging chain.  Give it a try.  I’ve had this ‘fixture’ up for about 3 years and it has held up to the elements really well.  I just replace the candles as needed.