Good Golly Miss Molly

We got our new puppy this weekend.  :)   Her name is Molly and we are all totally in love with her adorable little self.

She is the sweetest little thing.  Only 2 pounds right now and full of frisk and frolic.

Her big brother Max is totally smitten too.  She LUVS him, and he is so patient.  Max lets her climb all over him, chew on his ankles, eat his food, gnaw on his favorite toys, and sleep on his warm back.  So sweet!

It’s really like having a new baby around.  We can’t leave her unwatched for a second – she leaks A LOT.  She wakes up all night long too.

Molly is either super busy….

Can I help?

Puppy on the move

….or totally crashed out.

Such a sweet baby.

Tummy tickles

Wish us luck…that we get some sleep soon, and that I’ll be able quit carrying paper towels and carpet cleaner in a holster before too long!  :)