Silk Flower Pin

I am in love with all of the little flower pins you see around blogland these days.  This is my version of one I saw by the very elegant Emily at Jones Design Co.

I made my flowers out of a scrap of taupe satin polyester taken from the hem of a dress I cut off for my daughter.

For each flower cut three 3″ squares and three 2″ squares.

Then round each square off to a circle-ish shape.

Once you get your circles, carefully singe the edges in a candle flame.  The raw edges will self seal, melt a little, and curl up nicely.  Be careful not to burn the fabric or your fingers.

Stack your little melty circles up on top of each other and pin together.

I used some sparkly beads I already had on hand and stitched them to the center of each flower.  Stitching the beads on also holds the flower petals/ layers in place.

To do the backs, I first cut out circles of tan felt and heavy weight iron-on interfacing.

The interfacing circle should be just a tiny bit smaller in diameter than the felt circle.  Iron the interfacing circle to the felt circle.  Once I had that pieced together I just ran a line of Aleene’s Tacky Glue around the inner edge of the felt circle.

I pressed the glued circles on to the backs of the ‘silk’ flowers and let them set up for a few hours.

Once dry, I hot glued pin backs on the felt.

Ta DAAAH!!!  Again, this is how the pin looks all done.

Instead of making pins out of all of the flowers I even stitched one to a headband for my daughter, and she loves it!

In trying to cut out another child's photo I didn't have permission to use. I accidentally cut off MY child's nose. EEK.

Halie would like for me to make some more of these headbands (in different colors, etc.) but I can’t find any more skinny metal headbands.  I had this one in a drawer.  It was originally purchased at the Dollar Tree a year or so ago.  I’ve looked just about everywhere I can think of lately (WalMart, Target, Michael’s, Dollar Tree), but no luck.  Have you seen them anywhere for a reasonable price?

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