China Cabinet

Our dining room is fairly small.  Several years ago I decided to forgo the super formal dining room we had for one that was more functional.   Because our room is so tight and I have a problem with collecting love of dishes, we needed more storage space.  I looked all over the place for an ample sized china cabinet that wouldn’t jut out into the room too far.  I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I came up with the idea to piece a china cabinet together by using pre-built cabinets.  My sweetie had his doubts, but once again he humored me.

I used stock upper cabinets from Home Depot.  The reason I chose uppers is because they are only 12” deep.  I knew my dishes would fit because they fit into my kitchen cabinets.  :)

I’m sorry I don’t have any before (or during) pictures, we did this project well before my blogging days.  When you look at these pictures, please don’t judge my housekeeping skills by the nasty ANT BAIT that is visible in almost every shot.  (My Bad!)

I started by shopping around the home improvement stores and drawing out my plan “old-school” on graph paper.

The main components of this unit are:

Two 36”wx30”h double door  stock cabinets (MDF with solid birch doors)

Two 12”w x 30”h single door stock cabinets

Six round ball fence post caps

Two birch boards 12”w x 42”l

One birch board 12 ½” x 72”

Trim moulding 96” – we did this before we had a router

To put together the hutch some additional supplies I used were:  Behr latex paint in “Black Suede”,  Minwax stain (leftovers), Satin poly, sandpaper, & assorted screws.  I also used some scrap boards and cup hooks for the inside of the unit.

We put all of the components together using wood glue and screws.  Then I painted the entire thing black (outside only – I was too lazy to do the inside).  My sweetie did the distressing.  (He still has a hard time scuffing up perfectly finished furniture – Bless his heart.  :) )  After the unit was scuffed up in all of the typical wear spots we applied stain to the bare places.  When the whole thing was good and dry a coat of poly was brushed on everywhere, then an additional two coats applied to the top of the piece.

Once the outside was complete I fixed up the inside to make the most use of the storage space.  I added little metal cup hooks and made some upside down troughs to hold stemware.  We also purchased one “dish shelf” from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and added a divider to one area.

It is quite a tall unit, but I am really please with how it turned out.  It stores a lot and doesn’t really take up too much floor space.

The entire cost of this piece was under $200 and it took us a weekend to complete the project from start to finish.  Do you have a great bargain storage idea?  I’d love to hear about it.