North Georgia Mountains Field Trip

Last Friday I took a little field trip up to the North Georgia Mountains.  What a gorgeous day!  I think autumn is my favorite season.  The cooler weather brings to mind nesting and comfort food.  What could be better than that?  My little trip up north was just about an hour’s drive and a world away from all of the hustle and bustle of life ‘in-town’.

On the way we stopped at a great antique shop.  Sorry no pictures, my bad.  It was huge and full of all kinds of different booths.  The best part was it didn’t have that funky antique store smell.  :)

My original quest was to go get some apples.  I love, love, love Honey Crisp apples.  (Thanks to my cousin Meghan for introducing me to those). Well once I got up to apple country I found out I had missed Honey Crisp season by about two weeks.  Bummer!  But have no fear…I was able to find a great substitute – the Cameo variety.  Yummeee!  They are super juicy, crisp, and sweet.  DElish.

There are apple places around every bend in the road up there.  Some are really big and a bit too commercial for me.  Others are a little derelict looking – you’re listening for the Deliverance Banjo Music as you drive by, making sure your doors are locked.  The one I found that was just right was:

Penland’s Apple House - Apple varieties: Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Mutsu, Red Delicious, Rome Beauty; 2010 prices: $5 per half peck, $8 per peck, $14 per half bushel and $24 for 2 half-bushel bags. 2nds at a discounted price with advance noticeHwy 515 Bypass, Ellijay, GA 30540. They also have a location at Ga Hwy 282 and US 76, 8 miles west of Ellijay. Phone: (706) 635-5110. Open: August through December, 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm.  Info from: Apple Orchards and Roadside Stands in Georgia.

It was across the street from a giant place, that had a parking lot full of tour buses.

From there we drove east through the mountains.  It was SO pretty!  One of those days where you are just thankful to be alive.  The leaves hadn’t quite peaked yet, but there was some color.  We made a pit-stop at Burt’s Farm, a humongous pumpkin patch extravaganza.  I had never seen anything like it.  Wow!

My introduction to the GIANT pumpkins

There were thousands upon thousands of beautiful pumpkins, all different varieties lined up in neat, tidy corridors.  I loved it!

There was also an open air barn, with corn lined walls, that had any kind of gourd you could imagine.

I ended up with two greenish blue pumpkins, an orangey heirloom, and a half dozen little mini white pumpkins.  Today is fall decor day at my house so I’ll show you when I get them all situated.

After the pumpkin patch extravaganza we ended up at the North Georgia Premium OutletsFunny how that happened to be on our route – dontcha think?

On the way we stopped at this little shop:

I did an actual u-turn on the highway, because I thought it was a shop for sweets.  Imagine my disappointment when  I found out it wasn’t.  Always a silver lining though…turns out it was a gorgeous home decor boutique.  Very pricey, but they had beautiful things.

Little seating vignette outside the shop

This bench was gorgeous.  I am tucking this idea away for future reference.  It may not be too difficult to re-create.  I think you could make it out of a coffee table.   The fabric on this piece was just regular old burlap.  I loved it!

Once at the outlet mall we enjoyed rummaging through the Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn stores.  I was on the hunt for some industrial chic barstools – no luck; but I did spot this cool mirror.

I am storing this one away in the ‘mental’ files too.  I think this is something I might be able to get my sweetie to help me build.  It was giant and the finish on it was the color of aged barn wood, so pretty.

Overall it was a GREAT day, even if we did have to sit in traffic for HOURS to get back home.  I came away with some delicious apples, gorgeous pumpkins, and a few new home decor ideas.  :)

Hope you enjoyed my little excursion.  Maybe next time we could go together?