The Spare Bedroom

Yesterday I showed you our basement guest room.  Today we’ll take a look at our spare room.

The spare bedroom

I have never been in love with this room.  At one point it was an office before we converted our formal living room to an office space.  The decor in here is super dated, but functional.  I LOVED it in 1993, but it will all be in our upcoming yard sale.  Funny how your taste changes, thank goodness – right?

As always you really can’t tell the color very well on the computer screen.  In the pictures the walls look very chartreuse.  In reality they are a soft green color with very light yellow undertones.  The walls are painted Light Lichen by Behr.

This room has minimal furniture in it.  There is a daybed (with a trundle bed underneath), a china hutch, a rocker, and a nightstand.  I mostly use this room for the storage in the walk in closet.

This little nook is at the top of the stairs on the way to the guest room.  The bench is old; it’s one of the pieces we bought for our very first house – 23 years ago.  I love the picture.  The photographs were taken by my aunt & uncle on their many travels.  Each photo represents a letter of the alphabet and it spells our name.  I got the framing done at Michael’s, with a coupon of course.  You can find these alphabet pictures all over the internet, but I especially like this one because they took the photos themselves.

Nook at the top of the stairs

When you first come into the room this is what you’d see.  The hutch is a treasured hand-me down.  I got the rocker at a fundraiser sale for the Marietta Historical Society.  If you look closely you can see the big water stain on the fabric.  My daughter is a swimmer; when she was a wee little bit she came home from swim practice and sat in the chair with her wet hair  – silk fabric.  Oh well, such is life.  It’s been like that for about 10 years.  I should probably move that redo to the top of my list.

This is the daybed.  I made all of the bedding on it and the window panels in the above picture too.  The fabric came from my favorite fabric store.


This is the view from the window looking back toward the hall.  The door smack dab in the middle of the wall leads to the bathroom.

Cowbell from the Alpine region of Germany

You may remember when I talked about my love of decorating with dishes.  There are dishes in this room hanging on the wall and in the hutch too.

Colection of demi-tasse cups & saucers

As you can see the decor in this room is VERY dated.  I don’t love it, but I don’t entirely hate it yet either.  I AM open to a change in here though.  You’re thinking to yourself, why is she showing me a room she doesn’t even like?  Well, it’s not that awful and I did make a lot of the stuff in there so I thought I’d share.

If you feel the eighties calling you (Hello all mauve and slate blue fans – are you there?) come to my yard-sale-a-palooza on the 22nd.

Usually my faithful side-kick is like super glue, but on the day I was walking around the house taking these pictures he found himself a little sunbeam.  Max and sunbeams are never parted :) .

Quit watching me Mom, I know you're watching me.