Sweet Tea

We go through iced tea in our house like crazy. A gallon never lasts more than a day; and since we’re in the south it’s always sweet tea or nothing. Yes, I know, a recipe for iced tea…c’mon Kitty, really. But some of my friends have asked for it so here it is….

Kitty’s  Sweet Tea:

  • 4 Luzianne Decaf Tea Bags (I can’t drink caffeine, it wigs me out)
  • 1 1/2c. Splenda measure (As much tea as we go through I’d be the size of a bus if it had sugar & calories in it)
  • Boiling hot water (two kettles full)

Into a 1 gallon pitcher I put the Splenda.  I clip the teabags onto the side of the pitcher with a clothes pin, so I don’t have to fish them out later.  Add boiling water to the pitcher (Some folks think that boiling water makes your tea cloudy, and that you should use simmering instead.  Whatever makes you happy; if you prefer to use simmering water, use simmering.) 

It usually takes me two full teakettles to fill up my gallon pitcher.  Let the tea steep for awhile.  I usually leave the bags in until the tea is cooled to room temperature.  When the tea has cooled off I pull out the bags, squeeze them out into the tea, then refrigerate the tea.

Flavored or not:

Sometimes, especially in the summer, we like to drink flavored tea.  While the tea in the pitcher is still piping hot I might add a handful of mint leaves, or even a flavored tea bag or two.  Some good flavored tea bags to add are Celestial Seasons – Mandarin Orange or Constant Comment – it’s kind of citrusy with a little spice.

Hope you’ll give it try; and please forgive me for my lame recipe, if you can even call it that.  Drink up!