Three Days in Savannah

We had a bit of a ‘home-bound’ summer this year.  Last week my daughter was out of school for fall break so we drove down to Savannah for some R & R.

We had a great time.  We got to sleep in, read some books, tickle our toes in the ocean, and eat ourselves to oblivion.  Our family vacations are more “culinary adventures” than anything else.  We’re all about setting up for the next meal, and if a tourist attraction or two may be along the way – all the better.

Our first afternoon in town we did the whole River Street thing.  Since it was a Sunday afternoon we thought it was going to be packed.  It really wasn’t too crowded at all.  Fortunately, the side of the road where all of the shops were located was in the shade.  It was RIDICULOUSLY hot!!  Yes, I know it’s Georgia; but it is September for cryin’ out loud.  We had some yummy shrimp salads for lunch and noshed on warm, fresh pralines while we walked around.

We stayed on the Army base in town and had beautiful accommodations.  It was an adorable two bedroom house – really nice.

After we checked in and got settled we headed back downtown for dinner.  We ate at a yummy Mediterranean place, and enjoyed a tapas dinner out on the sidewalk.  Not off the sidewalk, silly, on the sidewalk.  There were some nice chairs out in front of the restaurant and since the sun had gone down the temperature was tolerable.  I LOVE people watching, and it was a great spot for it.

When you see people/ strangers do you make up back stories in your head about them?  I always do; I give them fictional names and everything.  Now I’ve let on to you that I’m a total lunatic….  Okay back to the trip.

On day two we headed out to the beach at Tybee Island.  On the way we made a pit-stop at a place we had seen on TV, the Savannah Bee Company.  It was great!  They had free honey tasting – all different varieties.  The people that worked there were so nice and it was a really pretty shop too.

Look at the parking place marker - Adorable!

Sweet beehive themed tea set

Look at how pretty all the honey is with the lights under it

I know you’re worried about our mid-day meal.  We put together a picnic lunch from a grocery store on the way to the beach.  Never fear, team Johnson will not go hungry.

After enjoying some sunshine, seagull dive bomb attacks, and fresh air.  We drove around and imagined what all of the adorable beach bungalows might look like on the inside.  Tybee is unique in that it still retains a lot of that 50′s and 60′s charm.  The beach houses are not ginormous behemoths like other southern sites.  It’s really sweet.

On the way back to town we visited some cute shops and art galleries and managed to squeeze in dinner to boot.  We ate at a total tourist attraction kind of seafood place, but it was fun.

The next day we headed back downtown.  On the way we stopped at the Byrd Cookie Company.  It was fun side trip.  You could see them making all of the little cookies through the window.  (Remember, back in the day when Mr. Rogers used to go visit factories to show how things were made.  I used to love that.  I guess it stuck with me.)  The best thing about the cookie factory was all of the free samples – every flavor they make, just sitting out there for you to try. MMmmm!  Once downtown, we did a lot of walking, looking at architectural goodies, and enjoying all of the pretty parks.  My tootsies were not happy.  I originally had on some old lady tennis shoes that I knew would be comfy, but baby girl encouraged my to wear the cute shoes instead.

I could just look up into these trees all day long.

There is an Art & Design College in town, so there are little hidden treasures all over the place.

Whenever I see a column like this I think of Ricardo Montalban and his "Corinthian Leather" comercials for the Volare`.

Beautiful French boutique

Love, love, love that Savannah grey brick

We were able to eat at the Lady and Sons, Paula Deen’s restaurant, for lunch.  It was good.  Our waiter was awesome.  I’m glad Miss Paula is doing so well.  I think she is absolutely adorable and deserves every good thing that comes her way; but (you knew there was going to be a but) I liked the restaurant better when it was the little place, before it got all famous.  It was still tasty, but it was SO big, not nearly as intimate and sweet as the old place was.

After lunch we walked around some more, in the 99 degree heat ( YES 99!!!!), and decided that we were ready to head home.  We had originally intended to stay another day, but it was just too hot.  We had a great time, but it’s always SO nice to come home.

I hope now that I’ve BORED you to D.E.A.T.H. and revealed to you my inner lunatic you will come back again sometime.  I’d love to hear about any hidden treasures you’ve found in Savannah.