My Screened Porch

Finally, a tour of my house.  The first stop on the tour is my screened porch.  Here in Georgia we can enjoy the outdoors just about 10 months a year.  January is too cold and August is miserably hot, but other than that it’s pretty tolerable most all of the time.  My favorite room has got to be my screened porch.  I think it’s my favorite because I decorated it just for me.  Most of the other rooms in my home were decorated with other folks in mind.  This room is just for me – though I’m glad to share it.  I found a lot of pieces second hand or super cheap.  My sweetie even helped me build a thing or two.  I made all of cushions and window coverings out of colors I love.  I even painted the floor in a favorite color combination.  I really enjoy the sense of being outside, but without the buggies.  The settee is great place to read or nap, two of my all time favorite things to do.  I can just sit with a glass of sweet tea, have the ceiling fan going, and enjoy the happy sounds of the birds and the babbling stream.  To me this room is pretty without being fussy or too girlie.  It’s comfortable without being slouchy.  The porch is right off the kitchen so it’s in a super convenient location.  From the porch I have a wonderful view of the woods behind my house with no other houses in sight.  It’s quiet, restful, and serene.  Perfect.  Hope you enjoy the view!

This is what you see as you come out the kitchen door.

I made the curtains out of $1 a yard fabric from WalMart years ago.  They are just hanging off of cup hooks screwed right into the trim.  The outdoor fabric on both the pillows and cushions is from a great place here called Fabric and Fringe Warehouse.  (I L.O.V.E. that place!)  We made the table around an old window I got from a garage sale.  I think the window was around $3 – the glass we had cut to fit the top was about $25.   The settee came from Lowe’s way back; I got it as a Mother’s Day gift one year.  The rocker was from my Mom and the black all weather wicker chair was from the clearance room at Garden Ridge for $10 years ago.  It was missing the rubber feet when we bought it.  The galvanized stand in the corner was from Ikea and the little conservatory I found at a yard sale for $8.

Here is a close up of the ‘monogram’ pillow.  If you try this do not use a loose weave chenille type fabric like I did.  It’s too ‘ravelly’.  I printed a letter on the computer as a pattern.  I ironed the fabric onto fusible web, cut out the letter, then ironed the letter onto the pillow fabric.  After that I zig-zagged supper tight around the letter.

Next is the view if you are standing at the door that goes out onto the deck looking the other way.

In this view you can see the little bistro set I found at JoAnne’s.  I got it with a coupon of course.  The shelves came from Ikea years ago.  They were in our pantry when we lived in NJ.  The bird cage came from a yard sale.  I really splurged on it – $12.  The silverware mobile over the table came from the Columbus Flea Market in NJ.  The other pieces were gathered here and there over time.  The glass fly catcher on the top shelf, the ceramic bird, and the bird house all came from JoAnne’s.  The quilt is purple on the other side, but I have that part folded in so you can’t see it.  I found the quilt at Garden Ridge many years ago for $5 on clearance.

My ever faithful side-kick Mighty Max the Wonder Dog.

The floor I ‘painted’ with opaque Behr deck stain from Home Depot.  I first taped off all of the white squares – painted them.  Then did it all over again for the green ones.  After that I top coated with 5 coats of water based satin poly.  I used the water based poly so it wouldn’t yellow over time, but the oil based would probably be much more durable for an exterior application like this.

Max thinks the screened porch is outside.  Nature boy he is NOT.  (He’s a Min-Pin in case you were wondering.)

Finally the view of the back wall towards the kitchen.

The big grapevine wreath is from JoAnne’s.  The lamp came from Old Time Pottery (don’t look too closely there is mildew all over the shade).  The hanging lanterns were a treasure my sweetie brought me from Turkey a LONG time ago.  We made the table and painted it with the same color as the floor squares.  You may remember I found the little obelisk on the floor on my Good Will shopping trip a few weeks ago.

This is view when I look out my screened porch to the back yard.

To the right I see our little koi pond and stream:

To the left I see the trellis my sweetie built me a few years ago:

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my favorite ‘room’.  Do you have a selfish place, like me, that reflects your personality in your home?