Domed Pedestals

For this project I was totally inspired by Thrifty Decor Chic.  She did a beautiful job on the same kind of ‘cloche’ awhile back.

You may remember I recently scored some deals while out thrifting.  For some time I’ve been on the lookout for old cheese domes, well on my Goodwill trek that day I SCORED!  Not only did I find the great ovenware bowls and garden art, I also found 3 cheese domes.  They had even more, but I carried all six of them around the store for twenty minutes restrained myself and only purchased three.  I was also able to find two candlesticks too.  I knew I had an old lamp base in my garage that I could use as the base for the third domed pedestal.

This is how I envisioned them:

To put them together and finish them off I used only products I had on hand.  First I cleaned all of the pieces really well.  My sweetie was kind enough to saw off the top of the resin lamp for me, so I was left with a flat pedestal surface.  Then I intended to use epoxy to glue the plates to the bases, no epoxy in the garage…so instead I used JB Weld.  It is a two part glue like epoxy.  I let that harden overnight.  Then I spray primed all of the metal parts.

For the two dark pedestals, after the primer dried, I  sprayed them with brown spray paint.  The brown paint I had happened to be glossy.  After that I went over the brown lightly with black spray paint.  I used two, a little glossy and a little flat.  The overall effect of the the two color spray ends up looking like oil rubbed bronzed.  (I was trying to use what I had, but it would be easier to just buy a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.)

For the lighter pedestal, I started with white spray paint.  Again I just used what I had.  This was a flat white auto spray paint.  When that was good and dry I mixed a one to one ratio of Valspar’s Mocha glaze with water.  I then applied that to the pedestal with a sponge brush.  I thought I was going to end up wiping it off to leave the glaze only in the crevices, but I liked how it looked as it was so I left it.  Then when the glaze was dry I just topped it off with a latex satin poly.

I am really pleased with how all three turned out.

This was a VERY economical project.

$2.92 Resin Candlestick

$1.91 Pewter Candlestick

$.0 Old Resin Lamp Base (already had)

$2.52 Small Cheese Dome

$3.93 Medium Cheese Dome

$4.54 Large Cheese Dome

$.0 Glue, Paint, Glaze, & Poly (already had)

Total with tax for THREE domed pedestals = $16.77, not too shabby

Remember the before:

This is the after:

Now I get to fill them with all sorts of goodies.  Any suggestions?