Dust-ruffle Extension

My son has had the same Fish Camp themed bedroom for several years now.  And for those several years his dust-ruffle has been too short.  The actual bed and frame were hand me downs from a sweet friend.  Well, back in the day when this bed was made it was the kind that sat lower to the floor.  In order to make it a wee bit updated, and for it to fit the headboard correctly, we raised it up just a tiny bit.

You can see from the pictures below we didn’t even spring for the deluxe plastic bed risers you can find at any store now.  We just plopped the bed on some cut off blocks of 2 x 4.  Can you say cheap?…yep that’s us.

Nice view under the bed

I’m sure you can understand how this could bug a gal like me.  This is how I fixed it.

I started with a super inexpensive purchased dust-ruffle and some leftover plaid fabric from my stash.  The plaid doesn’t even match with any of the others in the room.  But, I figured it was in the same color family and it’s a camp room so it’s not supposed to be perfect, right?

Next I cut the plaid fabric into 6″ strips using my rotary cutter.  I just cut the entire length of the fabric remnant I had – never measured (Sorry).  I ended up cutting four strips total.

After the strips were cut I pieced all four together to make one long strip.  Then I hemmed one side using my new best friend rolled hem presser foot.  I love that thing!

Rolled hem presser foot

After I had one side hemmed I began hand pleating the un-hemmed side.  I didn’t even measure.  I started sewing and every few inches I would pinch fold the fabric towards me, then sew over it.  Then I would do the same thing in reverse, pinch fold the fabric away from me, then sew over it.

Fabric folded towards me

Fabric folded away from me

When that was all done I pressed it out and attached the pleated plaid to the bottom of the purchased dust-ruffle.

I’ve got to say the hardest part of this project was getting the little bugger on to the bed.

I know it’s not on the cutting edge of design, but this project did what it needed to do.  I sure wish I had done this one about 3 years ago.  It really makes the room seem more finished, and as an added bonus with the dust-ruffle going to the floor all of the goodies under the bed are hidden away.  :)

Do you have any simple projects that you put off forever, finally got around to doing, and are SO glad you did?