Lost in Blogland

This summer I have been somewhat confined to the house, but as a result I have stumbled upon some GREAT blogs that I otherwise would not have found…or had the time to enjoy.  Do you find yourself getting “Lost in BLOGLAND….” (cue the echo machine)?  I do it ALL-THE-TIME.  I start out saying to myself…”I’m just gonna take a quick peek at the blogs”.  Then before you know it, you’ve clicked here and there, you peek at the clock and two hours have gone by.  Yikes!!!  How does that happen?

There are some REALLY creative and talented ladies out there on the internet.  I have updated my blog-roll to include these new links.  Here are some of the sites I’ve really been enjoying lately:

  • Bye Bye Pie! is written by June, a super funny lady, in North Carolina.  She has a way with words that just leaves me laughing out loud.
  • Playing Sublimely is by Amy, an amazingly gifted decorator/designer.  Amy and her super talented, engineer/ wanna-be-carpenter, husband have done an unbelievable job renovating their home.  You have GOT to check it out.
  • Next up is Savvy Southern Style.  Kim is in the Atlanta area, like me.  She has a beautiful home, lovely landscaping, and has a few projects up her sleeves that you should definitely see.  If nothing else…check out her adorable dog, Bailey, in the header of her blog.  Sooo stinkin’ cute!!
  • Design Intervention is put together by a military wife, again like me.  She lives in Virginia and has done some terrific ‘deployment projects’ while her brave husband is working hard to make this country free for the rest of us.  Be sure to check out her site; she has done some really creative things to make her always temporary house a beautiful home.
  • Melissa at The Inspired Room has a great sense of style.  She can really put things together in an elegant but approachable way.  Her photography is so pretty too.
  • One of my new super-favorites is Sandy’s site: The Reluctant Entertainer.  She is my hero.  She advocates entertaining with no stress.  I love her philosophy, it’s about the fellowship not stressing over the details.  She has a written a gorgeous new book too.  I actually just ordered mine yesterday from Amazon, and can’t wait for it to get here.
  • Lola B’s by Kasey is another one that leaves me laughing out loud.  She is a girl after my own heart.  Kasey loves shoes, all things Parisian, the beach and her family.  (Not necessarily in that order).  Check out her recent post about a back to school brunch for Moms.  It is gorgeous!
  • Last but certainly not least, is another funny gal who is a very talented writer.  Ashley and her sweetie Jamin have  created a lovely site called Supa Blogga Supreme Mama.  I think her observations on every day life are hysterical.

Be sure to check out these wonderful blogs.  I hope you’ll enjoy them all as much as I do.  Have you stumbled upon any great blogs I should check out?