Welcome to Embraceable Life!

Hi!  Welcome to Embraceable Life.  I’m so glad you’re here.

 My name is Kitty.  I am a Southern gal, through and through, who loves to creatively feather my nest.  I love everything about home life: cooking, decorating, crafting, gardening, & keeping up with my Air Force husband and two active (young adult) kids.  As a military family we have been fortunate enough to live and travel all over the world.  One of the very best things about experiencing the world is knowing that your very favorite place in it – is home.

I have been blessed with a wonderful lifetime sweetie and two smart, healthy & beautiful children.  All three of them have been perpetually indulgent of my whims, ideas, and even hair-brained schemes.  So far it’s worked out pretty well.  We live in beautiful North Georgia, outside of Atlanta, and not too far from the fabulous Blue Ridge mountains.

Mostly I have been a full time wife, uber-Mom-extraordinaire, and number one cheerleader for “Team Family”.  I have never been a career person but I have worked outside the home.  In addition to having been fortunate enough to volunteer in our community – wherever our community may have been over the years, I’ve worked for the Federal government, the school system, and for private industry too.  Happily, I suppose you could say, my career has been my family.  My favorite thing over the years has been creating a home for my family’s lifestyle and helping my friends do the same.

My many guilty pleasures are: finding a good bargain, making something and having it turn out like I imagined, my 3 o’clock chocolate fix, Sunday afternoon naps, listening to classic rock (Loud & Proud), reading to the point of obsession, and hot (turn your skin red) bubble baths.

My friends are the ones that encouraged me to start this blog.  I hope you’ll be able to find things that inspire you and warm your heart.  I’ll show you all sorts of tips I have for decorating on a budget, yummy recipes, foolproof gardening, & Do It Yourself projects that anyone can do.  I will also share with you some of my “just plain ole” favorite things as well as bring you along on special field trips I take.

You will find out very quickly that I am NOT a writer.  I write like I speak – sometimes faster than I can keep up with; and like any true Southerner I tend to circumnavigate a point to distraction I’m afraid.  Hopefully you won’t become too annoyed with my attempts at literacy.

I really do hope you’ll come back soon.  I’m looking forward to this exciting new adventure.  Thanks for stopping by.